Bonjour! Interested in food that tastes as good as it looks? You've come to the right place, friends. Welcome to Anthony Bar Cooking, where food and art come together to create an experience that will last a lifetime. Take a look around and indulge yourself in the many services that Chef Anthony has to offer. 

G R O U P   C L A S S E S

Attend Chef Anthony Bar's restaurant and paint the town with the produce of France! Gain the confidence needed to prepare a 3-course Modern French Faire. Enjoy fresh coffee, French pastries, and personally cooked three dishes to savor for later. 

P R I V A T E   C L A S S E S

Have Chef Anthony Bar come to your home for a private one-on-one cooking class. Chef Bar offers multiple courses to choose from so you can customize your learning experience. French pastries, meal prep, fancy dinner—you tell us and we will create together!

"D I N N E R  I N  P A R I S"

Have you ever asked yourself what it's like to work in the brigade of a French restaurant? Come join us for a one night whimsical gathering experience. You will learn how to cut, chop, and cook with Chef Bar whilst preparing your own three course menu to be enjoyed at the dinner table with a glass of paired wine.